Frantic Keyboard Mashing

Howdy all! I’ve been away mashing keys and helping my wonderful wife get started with her super-awesome Wedding Stationery business. It’s early days, and there is still plenty to do, but here is some shameless link touting: Website (landing page): Blog: I’ll try to do my best to keep up blogging in the […]

C# 6 Language Features Test Drive

As I was perusing the list of Visual Studio Featured Videos I spotted this little nugget and thought I’d share: Channel 9 C# 6 Features Video I’ve taken these features for a drive around the block; in addition to noting down some of my first impressions. The philosophy outlined is one of small, incremental changes […]


Hi all, A quick apology as I’ve stalled a little on adding new content. I’ve been undertaking some new projects at work and home which is consuming much of my time. I’ll aim to get something new pushed up in the coming week or so. Signing off for now!