About ‘The Bear’

My name is Lewis, although nobody can typically be bothered with the last syllable, so it gets cut to Lew which works great for me. I work as a software developer in Norwich (UK) primarily using .Net technologies and Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL; bit of web and a bit of desktop stuff depending on how the flow goes. My wife calls me ‘bear’ due to me utilising the age-old mixture of a hobo beard and a slightly podgy gut.

I basically love coding and have a desire to try my hand at as many languages, design patterns and general coding goodness in my spare time as possible (or as much as my poor brain can handle anyway). I’m a bear, with a hammer, who will spend time trying to smack round pegs in square holes.

When I fall outside of my comfortable .Net/T-SQL castle I expect this to be a very painful read for developers with experience of areas I intend to cover (or it might just be painful anyway, who knows); but with any luck it’ll be fun in addition to inducing internet rage – I plan on being ‘wrong on the internet’! Nooooooo!

I’m also part of a dynamic ‘wildlife’ duo…my wife creates wonderful bespoke wedding stationery in additional to making beautiful portraits and other handmade goods (website made by yours truly!):

Website: http://www.frogandpencil.com

Blog: http://www.frogandpencil.net

NOTE: All views are my own

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