Chart-tastic F# Goodness

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the holiday season was full of beer, wine, grub and every other kind of delightful merriment imaginable. The bear is back and absolutely raring to go! So, in an attempt to be a little more diligent and focused, I’ll crack on with the list of goodies I wanted to […]

Future Decoded 2015 Play-by-play

Hello beautiful people! It’s a fantastic, gorgeous Saturday morning (it’ll be Monday by the time I hit the publish button, such is the enormity of the post!); the birds are chirping, the sun is shining through the balcony windows (and there is a bloody wasp outside, STILL!!!) and my wife has left me…………to go on […]

A Few Hours With….F#

What can I learn about F# in the time it takes to drink a coffee, eat some biscuits and listen to a few tracks on Spotify; let’s find out. This post was supposed to be entitled “Thirty Minutes With…F#” but I ended up getting far too engrossed and a couple of hours skipped by (followed […]