Merry Christmas

Firstly, for anyone following along, Merry Christmas all!

I’m only a handful of posts deep but I can honestly say that I’ve loved doing this. So much so that I, most likely, will plug a bit of money into this in the New Year and try to sort a custom domain/do a few customisations to the blog.

Currently, I’ve got a post in the pipeline looking at the WPF MediaElement control which I’ll try and have out sometime around the New Year; beer and parties permitting. After that, I want to throw in a little Objective C, Python and perhaps do a little more focused work surrounding Unity 3D (and do more game development in the New Year). As I’m eyeing up a few books in relation to create custom shaders in Unity and handling AI I think this should provide some interesting material to flesh out in the form of blog posts. In addition, I’ve got my hands on an Arduino experimentation kit and have had a Leap Motion controller for a while now (and I’d love to start getting into the API’s surrounding that).

I’ll grind out as much as I can manage before my brain explodes (and try to turn up to my wedding in the process).

In the meantime go eat and be merry, you’ve earned it!

Happy New Year to all.

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