A Little Break Away

So with the whole business of getting married, side-line projects, work commitments and the like I’ve not had the time I would have liked to push energy in the blogs direction. Things are, slowly, beginning to fall into place so with any luck I’ll be turning this all around in the near future.

I’ve got one more month to lose unwanted lbs before the dreaded suit fitting so expect crankiness (potentially) in the next few posts!

As far as the nature of content goes I still want to cover Unity game development as planned in the short term. In recognition of my apparently loss of all free time courses from Udemy have been purchased covering topics such as Speed Reading and Advanced Learning techniques. The life-hacking route has become a more and more appealing option so, although not strictly code-based, I’ll probably go ahead and discuss anything surrounding this if I can make interesting content (e.g. things like Tim Ferris’s 4 hour book series).

So for now I’ll leave you with (hopefully, not empty) promises of content in the near future.

Cheers and bye for now.

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