Happy New Year…and other stuff

Happy New Year all! New Year, new opportunities, new me….right!?

I’ve been taking some time out to focus on a) learning a new domain/related technologies to make sure I have a solid footing in my new role and b) having some time out over the holidays. As such, it’s been hard to focus on creating new blog content, so apologies for that – but I really wanted to zero in on not screwing up (as ‘New Year, no job’ would suck royally!). Let’s talk about new content; this is something that has been a core focus of mine over the last few days, and I want to put an action plan in place to address this lack of ‘juicy goodness’. A rough agenda seems like an important place to start; to that end, here’s the roundabout plan for the coming month (in which I look to target getting out 1 post a week, as I envisage these being small-ish pieces):

  1. MSSQL Theming – planned for release by the 22nd January 2017.
  2. PERT Estimation – planned for release by the 29th January 2017.
  3. Coding Alexa Skills (101, basic example) – planned for release by the 5th February 2017.
  4. CloudSearch Queries (again, 101, basic examples) – planned for release by the 12th February 2017.
  5. Then, for several weeks, a run-down of SOLID design principles.

These are the general themes I’m looking to cover; of course, I’ll do a switcheroo if something incredible crops up that I absolutely need to talk about, but at least there is a framework in place.

At the end of February, I’ll then have a rethink about the coming months and see if there are larger subject matters that would be cool to tackle. If and when behemoth style subjects are covered, I will most likely look to split it into a series of posts, to keep things regular.

I hope the New Year finds you all well regardless and I look forward to getting back up to snuff with content in the coming months.

Cheery bye for now.

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