Where You At…

Hi there wonderful people! I hope everyone is keeping well and remembering to be awesome :o)

The great wave of life has risen up and crashed back down a fair few times in the last handful of months which has, in turn, lead to a serious drought on new content; apologies for this.

Being brutally honest I’ve found myself a little bit zapped of energy and inspiration in general. We had a very long and protracted house move which involved a good number of twists and turns, mixing that in with a busy period at work (and a stretch without good internet access at the new house, in the midst of all this) and I think I did approach (and am just getting out of the other side of) something close to burnout; it happens to all of us at some point or another. It has meant that I’ve fallen into a little rut of ‘imposter syndrome’; a dose of passion is required to climb out! With all of the change going on around me nagging self-doubt as to my abilities has come into the fold and I’ve been scratching my head on how best to deal with it; nothing but the honest truth from me.

Therefore, I’m planning on trying to take some responsibility for getting back into the game and rolling some more content on to the board; reflecting a drive to inject some confidence and passion into the proceedings once again. Thanks for sticking with this, it’s a key thing in the development business to keep reaching for new horizons (and to pick which horizons should be pursued and which should be ignored, as there are so many damn options) so getting the engine kick-started again, and carving out the time to keep it ticking over, is now a priority.

Content is on the way then…happy coding until the next time :o)

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