Handshakes and Hat Tips

Hi there. Have a wee look at the about page and hopefully this will give you a clue as to my background and what I hope to achieve. I say achieve very loosely; the end result of all of this might be that nothing tangible actually falls out of the back-end of this big, fat coding journey machine. To be honest, that’ll be fine with me.

I’m just going to have a go with as many coding languages, frameworks and design patterns I can get my grubby mitts on, and if something good comes out of it then all the better. I’m at my most comfortable with C# and T-SQL, and although I want to go through these, I will be spending time with things I know little to nothing about. This forms an apology upfront I guess – I could be ‘wrong on the internet’ so PLEASE DON’T TRUST ME. I’m sure for the majority of the items I cover anyone who reads this will see the thinly veiled, bullet riddled mess underneath so apologies for any hair loss along the way.

The good, the bad and the plain old ugly, I’ll take it as it comes. Comments welcome, I hope this will ultimately just be fun. For instance, you should have seen my face when I grabbed my fiancée’s MacBook, launched Xcode for the first time, and wrote my first few lines of Objective-C. My picture now appears next to confused in the dictionary :-).

Happy times ahead I’m sure. Enjoy!

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