So….No posts…What am I doing then?

So, I’m not afraid to admit that this is taking me a hell of a lot longer than I originally anticipated. I was chatting to my fiancée Claire today about all of my hopes and dreams for this blog. I stated that I wanted to:

  • Keep the posts simple to start with.
  • Keep the posts as short as possible to start with.

I’ve failed, on both counts. I’m working on a piece right now covering some of my early experiences with the super gorgeous jQuery, which I’m just having an immense time with. The post has ended up being far longer and a little more involved than I originally planned. I’ve got a few development buddies who have managed to peak my interest levels in jQuery to dangerous levels. To that end, I’m trying to genuinely write as good a piece (based on 15-20 odd hours with this library) as possible.

It’s about 60 percent of the way there. I’ll plan to get it tidied up and posted tomorrow evening.

I suppose this is a great time to actually state how often I intend on updating this blog 🙂 (terrible blogging etiquette I know!). The aim is to get 2 posts out a week if I can keep a handle on the detail/length of the posts.

Watch this space anyway, I’ll be coming back shortly with something that hopefully floats everyone’s jQuery boat!

Bye for now…

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