Back Online: Normal Service Resumed

I’m back from my hiatus which encompassed getting married, eating far too much food and drinking wine and beer on the wonderful Adriatic coast. It’s time to get back to some serious coding and perhaps reconsider the longer term plans for this blog.

To start us off, I’ve been contemplating pushing a little money into this to sharpen up the experience a little and will most likely give the blog some dedicated presence on Facebook/Twitter. Why do it by halves; I’ll go balls deep and hope for the best!

There are numerous items that I previously wanted to, and still plan on, covering but other nuggets of technology have caught my eye in the interim. In addition to just writing code, I would also like to reflect on my own methodologies for learning subject matter and trying to improve comprehension as I progress on this journey. Anything I do to this end will get ‘air time’ within this blog and I’ll you all know if I come across anything that works particularly well (or falls flat on its face!) as and when it happens.

Lastly, although not strictly ‘code’ based, my wife (weird to say that!) plans on starting her own business this year so it provides us both with an opportunity to reimagine our workspace in the home. The plan is to turn our crap-hole of a box room into a useable work area; as we get stuck into this I’ll post updates to show how this evolves.

As we all know, putting something down on paper (or the internet!) is the first step on any journey. Here’s the redefined hubs of activity as I see them covering things you can expect to see on this blog in 2015/2016.

  • Reimagining of the Blog and some kind of dedicated presence on Facebook/Twitter.
  • Changes to our home workspace to show you how this progresses.
  • Updates covering any learning techniques as I study them. If these are useful to coding then expect them to get ‘air time’. For starters, look out for:
  • Coverage on the following topics (not sure on how basic/advanced this will be – Most likely this will comprise of feelers into a topic unless something really takes my fancy):
    • Finishing off the Epic Quest project.
    • F# Forays.
    • Coverage of Python.
    • Some further raw JavaScript coverage including jQuery.
    • Hello World level Raspberry Pi.
    • Coding against the Leap Motion Controller API.
    • Xamarin Tools.
    • ASP.NET MVC.
    • My friend Pete has written a superb object-orientated take on JavaScript – Picket.JS.
    • Further C# Unity game development (I still see myself covering a larger scale project encompassing the use of Blender, Gimp and Unity to make a standalone title).
    • Posts covering C# and TSQL (I’ve done some MySQL work recently so I will incorporate this into the proceedings if possible) as interesting topics catch my eye.
    • WPF (Rooting around in XAML) as time allows.

In and around this, I’m starting to sniff around the idea of completing full Microsoft Certifications in the next year to year and a half, so as I hop hurdles surrounding this I’ll give you all of the details.

This is not really designed to be a personal ransom note and I’m not going to outright hold myself to completing all of these things, but I do want to make a commitment to producing content as and when I can and keeping this fun (for myself and anyone reading along).

All that’s left to say is wish me luck and watch this space!

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